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Take Your Tax Business to Next Level Lauch Your Service Bureau Today!

Whether you’re a startup aiming to disrupt the tax industry or an established Service Bureau seeking to evolve, we got you!

what we do?

We Help Entrepreneurs Start, Grow, Streamline

We help Entrepreneurs start, grow, and streamline their Tax Service Bureau. Whether you are someone with tax industry connections, a single tax office owner doing volume, a preparer who is ready to move up to the big league, or any and everyone in-between SBM is the right place for you!

what is a service bureau?

The Tax Industry’s Biggest Kept Secret!

A Service Bureau Business Model in the Tax Preparation Industry essentially means endless ways to earn money without the hassle of preparing tax returns. Service Bureau’s typically have their own Custom Branded Software that they re-sell to other Tax Professionals which are referred to as Sub-Offices. Service Bureau’s generally offer a combination of other services to their Sub-Offices in addition to their Tax Software. Things like education and marketing materials, tax and software support, and bank onboarding. Service Bureau has no limit on the number of Sub-Offices they are allowed to have under them. There are a variety of ways a Service Bureau can choose to operate, which is why they have become so popular in the Tax Preparation Industry.


Few Ways Service Bureau Makes Money

Software License/Packages

Earn Endless Year-Round Revenue by Selling Software License or Creating All-In-One Packages that include more than just Software and can include things like mentoring, support, and marketing strategies. These fees can be a One-Time Fee or Can be Charged as an Yearly Renewal Fee.

White Label Tax School

Offering Tax Courses is an extremely lucrative way Service Bureau’s make revenue. The best part about this Stream of Revenue is, Service Bureau Maker has done all the Hard Work for you! We have Created a White Label Tax School that Allows you to Set your Pricing Per Course and Earn Revenue without having to Create or Teach anything. Whether your offices new preparers or AFSP participants that need to get their CE Credits, our Tax School has them Covered.

Back-End Fees

There are two buckets (as we call them) that you can use to make money on each Bank Product Tax Return that Funds throughout your entire Service Bureau. These fees are known as the “Service Bureau” & “Transmitter”. You can charge up to $99 in each of those buckets. So, you can see now how this is possibly the biggest revenue earner for your Service Bureau. You can charge the minimum, maximum, or somewhere in between. You decide based on what you have worked out and that is charged per office under you.

Ancillary Products

You can also Earn Revenue Offering Audit & Identity Theft Protection. This is probably the easiest way to earn money as a Service Bureau because every time a customer opts in for one of these products you are earning money.


This is the one Revenue that Every Service Bureau wants to Earn. With Service Bureau Maker, we have made it easy and simple. Our Rebates Start at 500 Funded Bank Product tax returns by April 30th each year. There are no hidden objectives or requirements and with Service Bureau Maker your Money is Guaranteed to be On-Time Every-Time. Because if you haven’t realized this yet, we got you!

what we offer

Just sit & relax while we take care of your business needs.

The best thing about Service Bureau Maker is that you can have us involved with your Service Bureau as much or as little as you want. Know what you are doing and just want us to Brand Your Software, and you’ll take it from there? That’s cool; we got you! Need us to walk you through everything from start to finish? Well, that’s cool too, and don’t worry, we got you! And for those who may need a little more than some but less than others. You should already know the answer… But yes, we got you covered too! We make it easy to Brand your Software, Support your Service Bureau, and even Educate your Sub-Offices. We have worked hard to create white-label support, a knowledge base, and a tax school that you can rep as your own and is proven to help ensure that you aren’t taking your eye off the real goal… Which is Selling your software!

what's included?

Our services are designed to cater to all of your business needs.

Branded Professional Tax Software

The Industry’s leading top rated web-based software. Which happens to be the best (in our opinion) option for SB’s because of the complete ease of use when it comes to adding locations, setting up offices, security template creation, and ensuring that you are in control of how your SB is operating. Not to mention free electronic signatures, cloud storage for each client, and branded mobile apps for each Sub-Office you bring on.

Tax School

A ready to go Tax School that is IRS Accredited and contains a plethora of different tax course options. Whether you need a course for a brand-new preparer or looking for the AFSP refresher course you will find it there. It is 100% online which gives everyone the ability to learn at their own pace and level.

In House Tax & Support

(that actually answers the phone LOL)… Yes, we said Tax & Software Support! The best part is they never have to know that you're not the one handling your support. We have an experienced Tax & Software support team who have been doing this for the past 10 tax seasons. Another unique thing with Service Bureau Maker is our Support doesn’t stop in the off season. We are here year round and so is our support staff. There is NO EXTRA COST for this service if you choose to offer it.

Knowledge Base

Which has hundreds of unbranded videos, step by step guides, blogs, and tutorials that your SB can link directly into your software. This means that your Sub-Offices always have access to knowledge without having to remember a website or having to leave the software to get there.


We offer great and premium prices.

Enjoy a free 30-day trial and experience the full service. No credit card required!


Yearly (Save 30%)

Premium Plan

$ 19 /mo
$ 199 /yr
  • 5 Projects
  • 100K API Access
  • 200MB Storage
  • Weekly Reports
  • 7/24 Support

Corporate Plan

$ 49 /mo
$ 499 /yr
  • 20 Projects
  • 300K API Access
  • 500MB Storage
  • Weekly Reports
  • 7/24 Support


Let's make something great together. We are trusted by over 5000+ clients.

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